Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning by PJS Hygiene Ltd. Removal of all grease and grime from your cooker hood, canopy & ventilation system. We meet both your insurance and health & safety requirements.

Your Kitchen Canopy is the most important component when ensuring a safe environment for your staff to work in.


Recent legislation (View HSE Document) gives insurance companies the right to void fire claims if the owner cannot prove that their ducts have been cleaned within the last year (in some cases this has to be done 2 or 3 times a year depending on use). This is understandable the build up of grease is a severe FIRE RISK !! “

It is important for the requirement for clean air to be discharged:

• Air becomes laden with odours, grease, fumes and products of combustion;
• During meal preparation and washing up, humidity levels increase
• Air replacement and consistency of temperature are required throughout the cooking and adjoining areas
• Air is required to dilute and replace products of combustion from gas appliances
• Supply air is required to ensure complete combustion of fuel.

We are also specialists in Deep Cleaning :
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Contact us today, and ask about our Kitchen Canopy Cleaning clear pricing structure, which allows costs to be planned accurately with no hidden surprises or unforeseen outgoings. 

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