Filter Cleaning Service

We offer a mobile Kitchen Filter Cleaning service to our customers on a regular basis. Our purpose equipped vehicle carries the equipment required to clean grease filters without disrupting kitchen operations.


Recent legislation (View HSE Document) gives insurance companies the right to void fire claims if the owner cannot prove that their ducts have been cleaned within the last year (in some cases this has to be done 2 or 3 times a year depending on use). This is understandable the build up of grease is a severe FIRE RISK !! “

Our Kitchen Filter Cleaning service carried out by our operative, cleaning and re siting your grease filter in your kitchen.

The benefits of using our Kitchen Filter Cleaning service :

  • Regular cleaning of filters reduces soiling of the extract system which may reduce the frequency of full system cleans
  • The strength of the air flow is maintained with clean filters
  • Fire risk is reduced with regular cleaning
  • Relieves the burden on your staff
  • No risk of grease contamination to your drainage system as the whole process confined to our vehicle

We are also specialists in Deep Cleaning :
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Contact us today, and ask about our Kitchen Filter Cleaning clear pricing structure, which allows costs to be planned accurately with no hidden surprises or unforeseen outgoings. 

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Very Quick response to a urgent fogging within our building. Excellent service. 13/02/2021

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Excellent Service. Date 9/08/2020

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